I guess it’s too late to live on the farm

And I guess it’s too late to eat breakfast.
Here comes noon and all I’ve had is coffee.
This is a sign of moral turpitude.
At first I wrote turgitude, and then I had to look it up
because that didn’t sound right. It wasn’t.
The word is turpitude.
In the kitchen my husband is making a smoothie.
He is of a higher moral fiber than me.
Fiber is something you need in your diet, always more of.
Does food have issues with us in the same way we have issues with it?
No, that must be a logical fallacy.
Except when food is still alive.
In some cases it may have thoughts
and motivations if it has a brain big enough.
If you eat humans then
you are not at all in danger of making
a logical fallacy when you say
food has issues with you.
I would probably use a word stronger than issues for that example
But why do we prize consciousness so much higher than everything else anyway?
Isn’t it just a terrible burden all day long?



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