Rachel B. Glaser



cutting across the neighbor’s lawn
in someone else’s puffy jacket
not only do your desires become clear
(as nature is clear)(as nature won’t lie)
but you remember other times your desires were clear
times you felt you needed
to witness the sun slant over Spanish tiles
to live abroad and make all new friends
to cut your hair
and confess your crush
in the dressing room
the other selves
that offered themselves to you
the diamond phone
a life far off
you know what you want
and the cool air watches you reject your want
with a kind of gruff strength
you are meeting yourself
again and again
on the lawn of the neighbor
at night
and during days
you indulge or refrain
you suffer originally
you cut your hair short


Rachel B. Glaser is the author of the new poetry book MOODS (Factory Hollow Press, 2013) and the story collection Pee On Water (Publishing Genius Press, 2010).  She teaches Creative Writing at Flying Object in Hadley, MA and paints basketball players among other subjects.  For more information visit Rachelbglaser.blogspot.com.

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