TAR Subscription, 2018 Edition

TAR Subscription, 2018 Edition

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Receive all four chapbooks from our 2018 catalog for a 10% discount, which includes Linette Reeman's BLOODMUCK, Nadia Owusu's So Devilish a Fire, torrin a. greathouse's boy / girl / ghost, and Diane Glancy's It Was Over There By That Place.

***For a limited time only, your purchase of the 2018 subscription will also get you copies of Spencer Williams's Alien Pink and Diane Exavier's Teaches of Peaches. That's a lot of extraordinary books.***

Take those extra dollars, buy yourself a crown, pour some tea, and enjoy each of these magnificent chapbooks hot off the presses!

Glorious array photographed by Emily Raw (www.emilyraw.com)