Vanessa Jimenez Gabb



here is the soundless party
here everything inside is happening
we are bad
we are feeding
cats lick sugar from our fingers
we are not working
not from home
the windows are skanky
we can smell the trash from here
what kind of people don’t clean
dont need to see out
we ask ourselves this
and then forget to ask again
if we deserve the sublimity
this not getting up
to wipe the glass that rises
so people can see
we eat cakes in our underwear
our faces powdered and glazed
like dumbasses
like monarchs


Vanessa Jimenez Gabb received her MFA in Poetry from CUNY Brooklyn College. Her most recent work can be found in Word Riot and her chapbook, Weekend Poems, is forthcoming from dancing girl press. She is the cofounder of Five Quarterly and lives in Brooklyn. 

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